Web Design

Work completed in January 2013.

Work completed in January 2013.

This was something I did one afternoon while being bored. It’s supposed to be a one-pager. Let me know what you think!

My first foray into completely semantic HTML, and I experimented here with some :before and :after pseudo-classes in the CSS. This was a short project I wanted to try out for Columbia University’s Journal of Global Health, which I also helped code.

A simple design from around a year or two ago.


The mockup of a product our group designed for a biomedical engineering project: Final Proposed Solution Paper: Liquid Crystal Thermometer.

I’ve dabbled in Google App Engine’s infrastructure and thus have a website that holds some of my experiments using Python, some of which for the Udacity CS101 class that I completed with High Distinction this past summer – I wanted to learn how to code back-end for fun! During this time I’ve also worked on PHP and Javascript.

Graphic Design

A small graphic I made to celebrate the brilliant series that is Game of Thrones.

A banner I made to celebrate (and grieve) the end of Harry Potter.

A cut from a wallpaper I made in Photoshop CS5.5 Extended for fun a year ago.

I used to make icons for online communities – this one was a set I made for the TV show SUITS, of which I am a fan.